Digimon Xros Wars: Toki wo Kakeru Shounen Hunter-tachi
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Megane (メガネ)
Megane is a player of the Sea Monster card game. He is among the top 50, and participates in a tournament where he defeats Hiroya by using rare cards that were stronger than Hiroya's. After winning the tournament, he leaves the building and makes a phone call to his mother. After ending the call, he is dragged into DigiQuartz, where he's attacked by KnightChessmon and a a masked boy who steal his rare cards. After the two attackers run away, he cries about his cards. Later, when RookChessmon abandons Hiroya, the Puppet Digimon sides with Megane, who becomes the next masked boy, and the two steal Hiroya's rare cards. After RookChessmon absorbs Megane's greed and moves to his next target, a bony Megane is sitting immobile in the DigiQuartz version of the building where the tournament took place.

(Source: digimon wikia)

Voice Actors
Ikura, Kazue