Zabel "Lord Raptor" Zarock

Zabel Zarock

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Zabel Zarock (ザベル・ザロック)
In the Night Warriors anime, Zabel is a zombie rock star who has returned once more to tour. His first comeback concert, however, is interrupted by armed monks who wish to kill him and Felicia. But he manages to kill the monks first and then feeds on their souls. He offers Felicia a portion of the souls but she declines. In the anime, he takes on a more human appearance initially (though retains his blue skin), but becomes the zombie when sufficiently provoked, the human form seems to be a second skin he can simply shed. Outside of that, he is shown fighting Anakaris in the first three episode intros.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yamadera, Kouichi
McNeil, Scott
Byeon, Hyeon Wu