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Vampire Savior: Tamashii no Mayoigo
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The anime version of Felicia is currently clawing her way up the rock star ladder, already having a certain amount of success under her furry belt, and just starting a tour in the human world. Her tour gets off to a rough start and is almost killed by a gang of monks but is saved by Lord Raptor who the gang were also after. As the human/Dark Stalker war grows more intense, she eventually comes across an army of Huitzuls. She fights a few of them but is overwhelmed but she is saved when Jon Talbain intervenes. She is taken in by a human doctor and is later captured by a paramilitary group who have come to destroy the rest of the advancing Huitzuls but the human doctor rescues her. She and Jon Talbain destroy the Huitzuls by taking a train out of town that is rigged with explosives which distracts the Huitzuls away from the town. Felicia and Jon Talbain escape the train before it explodes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Jaud, Janyse
Chae, Ui Jin