Basara "Basara Kurochi" Kurofuchi

Basara Kurofuchi

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Basara Kurofuchi (黒渕 バサラ)
Basara is an anti-hero appearing in the anime. He is a B-Shot from the North Block, and knows Gunner. His B-Daman is Drazeros, the black dragon. Their special attack is called "Double Drazeros."

Basara is mostly a rebellious and obsessive character but not an entirely evil person.

Flashbacks reveal that he is a very strong individual who is often engaged in fistfights against players from the North City. With his sheer strength, he accidentally destroyed many Proto 01 B-Daman prior to having Twin=Drazeros.

Basara's inhuman strength is also shown in some occasions such as when he stamped his foot on a handrail during his entrance to intercept the warehouse fight between Ryuji and Kakeru; when he carried, with his hands, a metal bucket filled with water and ran towards Kamon; and when he kicked an oil drum like it was a soccer ball.

During battles, he is also easily frustrated and very overconfident. He prefers to defeat (or more appropriately, destroy) only the top players and not wanting to waste any time on less-skillful amateurs or second placers like when he withheld his Super Shot against Subaru during the East Grand Prix.

Voice Actors
Papenbrook, Bryce
Tachibana, Shinnosuke
Campos, Marco Aurélio