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Dragon Tiger Gate
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Tiger Wong (王小虎)
Eighteen years old and with a strong sense of justice, Wang xiao hu (Chinese: 王小虎 Wang Xiao Hu) fights to protect the weak from those who would oppress them. He is both calm and courageous, fighting against powerful and evil forces without any fear. Being from a family of martial artists, he is a naturally talented fighter. His signature technique is the Wang Family's 18 Dragon Slayer Kicks, invented by his grandfather.

Besides his family kung fu, he also invented a kicking technique named Leuih Dihn Sahn Teui (Chinese: 雷電神腿); the name of this technique translates to "Thunder and Lightning Kick". Wang xiao hu's name means "Little Tiger". Since his father was Wong Fuk Fu, the more appropriate translation would be "Tiger Wong Jr". In Malaysia translations he is called "Tiger Wong".

At first, he only mastered Taming The Tiger Fist (Gong Zi Fu Hu Quan) and Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist (Hu He Shuang Xing Quan), both of which are his family kung fu. Later on, after meeting his eldest uncle, Wang Jiang Long, he was able to learn the legendary Wang Family's 18 Dragonslayer Kicks. As the story progresses, his kung fu skills are also developing, either by improving his current technique or learning an entire new skill. Subsequently, he learns "Nine Suns" Chi kung. This dramatically raises the power of his moves.

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