Akari "Magic Girl" Yomatsuri

Akari Yomatsuri

Captain Earth
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Captain Earth
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Akari Yomatsuri (夜祭 アカリ)

Akari is a 17-year-old genius hacker calling herself a "magic girl." She is shown to have adapt piloting skills and is able to control the Earth engine impactor via computer from earth. However, she says it's harder to pilot without direct control.

Akari has short orange hair with 2 purple hair clips and 1 green clip on her left. She also has purple eyes and has fair skin. Also wears a yellow tank-top with white straps and white buttons. Wears green shorts with a pink belt and white and yellow wedges with a yellow bow and white and red bangles.

(Source: Captain Earth Wikia)

Voice Actors
Hidaka, Rina