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Suzune Amano (天乃 鈴音)
A girl who is a smiling, hard-working student at day, and a stoic magical girl hunter at night. She refuses to state her reasons for killing. Whenever she meets a magical girl, she asks for their name prior to killing them, and later puts writes their name on a paper and puts it in her pouch, a habit she picked up from Tsubaki.

She has a cold and callous nature and shows little remorse for killing others. Suzune is usually rather polite and respectful, even when about to kill somebody. Despite her statements that she's "doing the right thing", however, Suzune is still uncertain if she is or not.

Not much is known of her past home-life.

Suzune's parents were killed by a witch, which was defeated by magical girl Tsubaki Mikoto, who adopted Suzune. Tsubaki treated Suzune like her own daughter, and mentored her when she became a magical girl as well. However, Tsubaki was constantly putting Suzune's health before her own and giving all the grief seeds to Suzune first, leading to her becoming a witch when the cumulative corruption became too much for her to handle. This left Suzune distraught. After defeating Tsubaki's witch, Suzune then inherited Tsubaki's bell-and-pouch pendant and, after learning the truths of the magical girl system from Kyubey, began hunting down magical girls to prevent the births of more witches.

About a month before the events of Suzune Magica, Suzune left her hometown and moved to Hoozuki City, transferring to Akanegasaki Middle School and becoming a newspaper deliverer at Yunagi Newspaper, where she presently lives at.

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