General Rilldo "Rildo, Mecha Rilldo, Rirudo Shogun"

General Rilldo

Dragon Ball GT
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General Rilldo (リルド将軍)
General Rilldo is a Machine Mutant antagonist in the anime Dragon Ball GT. He is Dr. Myuu's general, as well as the commander of planet M-2.

General Rilldo was created by Dr. Myuu to be the leader of his Machine Mutant armies on M-2 around Age 760-770. Rilldo is first seen when Dolltaki tries to inform Dr. Myuu of Luud's defeat. However, in Myuu's place is General Rilldo, who murders Dolltaki for his failures.

Later, when Goku, Pan, and Trunks arrive on the planet M-2 with Giru, Rilldo sends the Sigma Force to capture them.

Voice Actors
Yanada, Kiyoyuki
Chandler, Andrew
Yosefsberg, Yoram