Dr. Ashimori

Dr. Ashimori

Eve no Jikan
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Eve no Jikan (Movie)
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Dr. Ashimori (芦森博士)
Dr. Ashimori is Setoro's supervisor, an influential person with access to protected information and is not a member of the Ethics Committee. Other than that, it is unclear what her role is, neither her motives behind sending Setoro to investigate the Time of Eve cafe.
In the film, Dr Ashimori can be seen at various times again raising her purpose. She can be seen bashing an android with a pipe, visiting the Sakisaka family and arguing with Shiotsuki.
On her desk, there is a book titled Android Promotion Committee which may be a counter force to the Ethics committee. Although it was never confirmed, the way this information was portrayed could certify that this is indeed the committee that both Dr Ashimori and Setoro are employed in.

(source: Wikipedia)

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Yamaguchi, Yuriko
Robinson, Cindy