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Rin Suzuki (鈴木 凛)

In the anime, Rin Suzuki is a second-year student at Shugyoku High School. She is Tamaki Kawazoe's friend and rival.

Like Tamaki, she is a fan of the Blade Braver anime, but unlike Tamaki, she’s primarily a fan of one of the shows antagonists, Shinaider. She travelled with the Ozawa Swords and Company Association as they choreographed and filmed fight scenes for the Cosmo 13/Blade Bravers movie. When stuntman Fujimura got hurt on set, she stepped in his role as Shinai-Girl, making Tamaki take her place as the High School Girl.

She has not appeared in the manga, but Touryou Academy's Kendo Club's coach, Teramoto, mentions "Suzuki from Kanto" as a someone who could be selected as one of the "Nine Kendo Beauties," someone who could be a rival for Ura Sakaki.

Voice Actors
Sakamoto, Maaya
Glass, Caitlin