Yui "Fairy, Weed, Kutanagi" Kusanagi

Yui Kusanagi

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Yui Kusanagi (草薙 結衣)
She is a high schooler who is a member of her school's kendo club, she also practices the traditional martial art, Iaido, she came from a family of Shinto priest and priestess where they have been living and managing the town's local shrine for generations. As the main heroine she was drafted by Zeus to teach the warring mythological gods about the value of being a human and at the same time make them graduate from the Forbidden Academy which if she were to fail, she would live there for eternity.

Each mythological gods have their own nicknames for her, two of which were "Fairy" a moniker given to her by Apollo because of his attraction to her and "weed" a derogatory remark that Takeru often refers to her because he is annoyed by her presence.

(Source: Otaku-streamers)

Voice Actors
Hayami, Saori