Souichi Aoshima

Souichi Aoshima

Samurai Flamenco
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Samurai Flamenco: Another Days
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Souichi Aoshima (青島 蒼一)
Joji's friend from 10 years before, he joins the "Flamengers" as Flamen Blue (フラメンブルー Furamen Burū), number II, acting as the team's second-in-command and strongest fighter. He originally rejected Masayoshi's position as the leader, wanting to be Flamen Red himself due to his friendship and dedication to Joji, but eventually grows to respect Masayoshi. Despite looking very young, he is the oldest member of the team at 28 years old. He has been friends with Kaname for about 10 years and eventually works with him, acting in superhero shows as the hero "Neo Axe." Haiji later used Soichi's fandom as a premise to trash his apartment and destroy any Red Axe memorabilia in order to agitate Masayoshi.

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Voice Actors
Morikubo, Shoutarou
Schulze, David
Mortamet, Sébastien