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Hishigi (拉ぎ)
One of the Taishirou. He is also called 'doctor' because he is the smartest among the Taishirou and is in charge of the experiments to find the cure for the Mibu Death Disease. He, Fubuki, and Muramasa were once good friends. Hishigi chose to stay with Fubuki and the Mibu when Muramasa left. While still trying to find the cure, unfortunately, Hishigi is also infected with the Death Disease. In order to continue his lifespan, he had to place part of a Medusa Eye in his body. To conserve the energy of his Medusa Eye, he has to wear a mask that covers half of his face. This is because if the Eye's energy is depleted he will die. He wields a huge sword named “Hakuya” which means “White Night” which has the ability to perform a slash at the speed of light, which he used against Yuan, another one of the Taishirou.

Before Hishigi died, he transferred his memories to Akari (Ashura) so that s/he might continue his research of finding the Death Disease's cure then transferred his hearts into Fubuki to keep him from dying during his fight with Kyo. It is revealed in his memories that he had secretly fallen in love with Akari during their time together, but chose not to do anything about it as he knew he was already dying.

Hishigi was once the head of the Four Elders at one point in time.

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