Aoba Watase

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Buddy Complex: Kanketsu-hen - Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de
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Buddy Complex
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Aoba Watase (渡瀬 青葉)

Rank: Reserve Second Lieutenant
Birthday: August 8
Height: 170 cm

He was a high school student who finds himself transported to year 2088 in a valiancer mech, where a war broke out between the forces of Great Zogilia and the Confederate Treaty of Liberty Alliance. In one of the conflicts he was forced into making a coupling with another valiancer the "Bradyon." He was also forced to defend himself when one of the Zogilian mech attacks him.

His valiancer is called "Luxon", a white mech that can perform a coupling with Dio's valiancer the "Bradyon" which enables the two valiancers to have enhanced combat capabilities.

Voice Actors
Matsuoka, Yoshitsugu