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Saint Seiya Episode G
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Dimension Iapetos (次元のイアペトス)
May contain spoilers:

The second Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. Unlike all the other Titans, Iapetos shows a very childish personality.

He is easily angered, very cocky, and proud of his power – and likes to show it off. He is sarcastic, rude, and sadistic, even with his siblings. He has an androgynous appearance, and is sometimes depicted like he's wearing lipstick. Iapetos, despite his personality, is incredibly strong. In his fight against Mu, interrupted by Cronus, he left the battle without a single scratch, while the Aries Saint, considered one of the strongest Gold Saints, was covered in his own blood.

Despite being completely loyal to Cronus, Iapetos can act on his own if he thinks necessary. Doing this, he was once discovered by Cronus and then offered his own life as a payment, but he was “saved” by Hyperion’s arguments. Even so, Iapetos seems to hold a grudge against Hyperion and Coeus, treating them as stubs.

He was also the one who kidnapped Lithos in order to lure Aioria to Cronus’ Labyrinth. Although all the Titans – or most of them, at least – can create dimensional portals to travel from Cronos’ Labyrinth to some place on Earth, Iapetos seems to be the only one to fully control the dimensional portals. He can open and expand them with a single movement of his arms (or even without it) and can use them very effectively in battle.

He can also control Hecatonchires telepathically, using them as tools of war. It’s still unknown if his telepathic control can be applied to other beings inferior to him. As in mythology, in Episode G, Iapetos is Themis' husband and Atlas’ father, but Atlas has not played a role in the story, although he has been mentioned by Themis. His Soma has the shape of a double-edged sword xiphos.

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