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Ebony Hyperion


Saint Seiya Episode G
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Ebony Hyperion (漆黒のヒュペリオン)
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The first Titan released from Tartarus by Pontus. He is very kind, calm, and generous to his brothers and followers. He, unlike his siblings, along with Coeus, who seems to be his best friend – is trying not just to release Cronus from Zeus’ seal, but also all the human soldiers who followed the Titans in ancient times, along with their families.

Hyperion is a gentle man with his brothers. However, he changes completely when he faces an opponent or when he cultivates his hatred for Zeus and the other gods who defeated the Titans.

When it comes to fighting, Hyperion is merciless and uses his fists against any opponent, disregarding any bystander, be it a woman or child. When he is his Soma, he resembles a horned demon, due to the fact that his helmet has two curved horns. However, despite looking like one, he can be merciful to a foe who shows exceptional value like Aioria.

Hyperion possesses a very high analytical perception; he can fully read through a technique even after seeing it for the very first time, and then is able to develop an adequate form of defense to nullify it, or a counter-attack to instantly retaliate.He was also the first one to suspect of Pontus’ loyalty.

He seems to have developed a special connection to Aioria after their first fight, becoming something of a rival of the Gold Saints. He seems to fully control the wind, which assumes a black color when following Hyperion’s orders, using it in many ways like transportation, or attacks. His Soma has the shape of a greatsword.

Source: wikipedia.

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