Marina Ismail

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Marina Ismail (マリナ イスマイール)

Age: 24 (First Season), 29 (Second Season ), 31 (Movie)

The first princess of Azadistan. Due to trade embargoes following the completion of the solar energy pipelines, Azadistan can no longer export its fossil fuel reserves, and consequently is faced with an economic crisis. Azadistan has recently became a monarchy and she was elected as sovereign to restore the national economy by the Azadistani Parliament. She embarks on a diplomatic mission to seek aid from other members of the AEU, but has met with little success due to Celestial Being's constant "interference". During one trip she meets Setsuna and "saves" him from British police officers, believing him a member of her nation. She believes that war can be avoided through diplomacy, yet she is comparably politically naive.

Voice Actors
Tsunematsu, Ayumi
Paulita, Agatha
Portuguese (BR)
Marot, Kelly
Lindberg, Paula
Hopt, Anita