Tsukasa "Chrono" Tokitou

Tsukasa Tokitou

Trick or Alice
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Tsukasa Tokitou (時任 司; クロノ)
Sharp-tongued and absolutely brutal with his words, Tsukasa is the sadistic school doctor who tolerates little from students and teachers alike. His overbearing presence greatly distresses Arisa, who tries her best to avoid him. Yet in spite of his cruel nature, he acts surprisingly concerned towards her at times―however, this turns out to be just a ruse, as he is quick to turn violent once she rejects him.

He has been given the role of Chrono, the Mad Hatter, who has been plotting to capture Alice with the help of other Wonderlanders. His insane obsession stems not only from repressed lust, but from a desire to destroy her.

(Source: Ero + Dere)

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki