Ren "Round" Kisaragi

Ren Kisaragi

Trick or Alice
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Ren Kisaragi (如月 蓮; ラウンド)
Lighthearted and energetic, he dotes on Arisa like a playful younger sibling and claims that she will be his future wife. Unfortunately, in his eagerness to please, his affectionate hugs and other gestures tend to bother his dear friend rather than please her, leaving him on the receiving end of her slaps. Not that he ever takes offense, always greeting her with laughter and a smile.

He appears as Round, the clingy and childish Dormouse. It appears his only two interests are sleeping and playing games with Arisa, especially the latter.

(Source: Ero + Dere)

Voice Actors
Kimura, Ryouhei