Nao "Cheshire" Kurotani

Nao Kurotani

Trick or Alice
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Nao Kurotani (黒谷 南緒; チェシャ)
An idol of the school, he is extremely popular and has gathered a large number of fans due to his charismatic and suave nature. The smallest flirtatious gesture from him can send girls swooning, and Nao greatly enjoys basking in the attention. But in spite of this, he has remained strictly on a platonic level with Arisa, occasionally flustering her but failing to capture her heart with his silken words. Mellow and free-spirited, he even takes authority figures lightly.

As the Cheshire Cat, he is even more flamboyant than before, completely discarding any sense of modesty, ignoring Arisa's own comfort levels to lavish her with attention, whether it's wanted or not.

(Source: Ero + Dere)

Voice Actors
Nojima, Hirofumi