Arisa "Alice" Minase

Arisa Minase

Trick or Alice
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Arisa Minase (水無瀬 亜理紗; アリス)
With a personality as sweet as candy, Arisa is a young lady who exudes pure charm and innocence, thoughtful towards others and with a bright sense of humor. She enjoys good-natured teasing with her close friends, stuffed animals, and tea parties like any ordinary girl, but she also has a bit of spice to her as well. She dislikes it when boys get a little too friendly with her, and is never afraid to make her displeasure known through a few well-placed smacks. Despite her cheerful demeanor, however, she has a tendency to worry and fret over others, and often gets lost in her own troubled thoughts.

Once in Wonderland, she is given the new name of Alice, in spite of her protests. Unfortunately, she finds her stay is anything but pleasant, feeling confused, homesick, and wanting to return to reality as quick as possible.

(Source: Ero + Dere)

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Ryouko