Pope Arles "Great Master, Grand Pope"

Pope Arles

Saint Seiya
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Saint Seiya
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Pope Arles (アーレス教皇)
Arles is the Pope of Athena's Sactuary and the main enemy of the first arcs.

About 13 years prior the main events of Saint Seiya, the Pope Arles tried to kill Athena with a golden dagger when she was a baby. However it was prevented by Sagittarius Aiolos. The Pope attacked Aiolos, but he managed to escape from the Sanctuary, leaving Athena and the Sagittarius Gold Cloth to the care of Mitsumasa Kido.

Once the Pope Arles was informed of the Galaxian Wars tournament between the Bronze Saints, and that the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was in the possession of the real Athena, he sent some Silver Saints to kill the Bronze Saints. However, the Silver Saints couldn’t affirm their rank superiority and were defeated by the Bronze Saints.

The Twelve Temple arc spoilers:

Voice Actors
Sogabe, Kazuyuki
Kleinhenz, Mike
Baroli, Gilberto
Breda, Walter