Naruto: Shippuuden
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Monga (モンガ)
Monga (モンガ, Monga) was a shinobi of Iwagakure.

As the reincarnated shinobi reappear on the battlefield, most of the Third Division is scattered into small squads. Monga leads a squad consisting of Maki and Ruka that is assigned to protect the Medical, Sealing and Intel squad members. Gari confronts the squad who Monga thought he would never face in battle. Disappointed in Gari's attitude of being okay with being controlled, Monga battles his former comrade and blows him to bits with rocks by pushing a mud wall placed with explosive tags. Monga instructed Maki to seal Gari, but he is caught in a sneak attack by Pakura, and ultimately mummified.

Anime Debut: Naruto Shippuuden Episode #285

(Source: Narutopedia)

Voice Actors
Matsuda, Kenichirou