Chihiro "New Phantom Sixth Man" Mayuzumi

Chihiro Mayuzumi

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Kuroko no Basket Movie 3: Winter Cup - Tobira no Mukou
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Chihiro Mayuzumi (黛 千尋)
Age: 18
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62 kg
School: Rakuzan High
Number: #5
Position: Power Forward
Hobby: reading
Motto: "Farm on sunny days, read on rainy days."

Mayuzumi Chihiro is a regular member in Rakuzan High. On court, he wears the blue and white Rakuzan jersey with the number 5. Mayuzumi was introduced during match of the semi-finals against Shuuūtoku at the Winter Cup in a very vague fashion. Mayuzumi is an extremely quiet and slightly arrogant individual. His silence reaches to the point of ignoring anyone who speaks to him.

(Source: Kuroko no Basuke Wikia)

Voice Actors
Creton, François
Osaka, Ryota