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Hanzo (ニンジャ・ハンゾウ)
A silent assassin dressed in full body armor and mask, and wielding ninja weapons such as a ninjato and shuriken, Ninja Hanzo was sent to protect BLACK PHANTOM's secrets. After killing the two contacts onboard and downing the aeroplane Minamoto and Sasaki was in, Ninja Hanzo engaged in prolonged combat with Fujiko. With the fight affecting the both of them in hunger, thirst, and the need to dispose of bodily waste, they were interrupted by a herd of water buffalo, and the hitman escaped in the confusion. Having found a moment to relieve himself, Ninja Hanzo was attacked by a water buffalo containing the soul of an animal specialist esper. Later, he sends a SOS to the head of BLACK PHANTOM, but due to failing his mission, is told 'to die'. Despite this, Ninja Hanzo's brainwashing does not seem to be very strong, as instead, in the omake panels, he manages to find refuge with Mirage in Japan who presumably adopts him out of pity. Ninja Hanzo remains out of sight when the Yūri Kumoi personality is awake, and secretly helps out with her chores such as cooking.

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