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Ryou (梁師範)
Master Ryō is a 28-year-old master of Hakkaken (白華拳, "White Flower Fist"), one of the Western School 32 Styles (西派32門派, Nishiha 32 Monha?). He has a moustache and scars on his face, abdomen, and buttocks. His hobby is mah jongg. Master Ryō is in love with the head, Renhou, and enters the Chinese tournament because the law of the 32 Western Schools forbids them from getting married unless he proves Hakkaken is the most powerful style. After the tournament he joins Tar-chan's family in order to marry her, saying now they are from different schools. Of the main characters he is the most serious and a bit rude, but after his friendship with the Family deepens he comes a kinder character. He also has the same level of perverseness as Tar-chan. Like Pedro, he briefly becomes a vampire in the vampire story arc, and retains the power up after returning to human form. He later marries Renhou and often returns to China to visit her. After their son is born he begins to show a doting parental side to his personality. He has several ki based attacks, such as the Hyappo Shinken and the Ryuuenken. His skills as a fighter are top class, and he is one of few people capable of teaming up with Tar-chan in battle.

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Voice Actors
Yanada, Kiyoyuki