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Juuni Kokuki
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Risetsu (梨雪 / 氾麟)
Risetsu, is the kirin of the kingdom of Han. She has served her ruler, Go Ranjou, for 300 years and has the appearance of an innocent young girl, though is known for being mischievous. The pair get along extremely well and Ranjou fondly refers to her as his "princess," showering her with gifts and indulging her tantrums.

Risetsu travels to Kei with her master as his attendant when the search for Taiki begins. To avoid revealing her true identity, she borrows the koseisan, a sacred treasure from her king that allows her to appear as someone an onlooker wishes to see; for Youko, Hanrin's immediate appearance resembles Youko's late friend, Rangyoku. She joins Keiki, Enki, and Renrin to search for Taiki in Hourai and offers the use of Han's royal treasure, the kouyoukyou, a mirror that dematerializes the image of the person or creature it reflects and allows infinite replication, though the replicas are limited in terms of capability. When Taiki is found, she is horrified to learn how Taiki's shirei have become defiled from living in Hourai so long. After Taiki is brought back to the Twelve Kingdoms, she and Ranjou return to Han.

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