Yuzuru "Yuzuyuzu" Hagino

Yuzuru Hagino

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Yuzuru Hagino (萩乃 柚留)
An ordinary student at Hojo High School. Since she carelessly offended Kai during her summer job, she becomes Kai's Honey during this semester. At first Yuzuru doesn't like Kai because he always finds ways to sexualy harass Yuzuru, but later she finds out Kai harasses her because he likes Yuzuru. Yuzuru's parents are very greedy and rapacious; they are very poor as well. Yuzuru performs badly in both her studies and sports. She hates Kai at first but finally falls in love with him. Since Chihaya once encroached upon her, Yuzuru is afraid of him. Throughout the manga series, Yuzuru and Kai remain in love despite what Chihaya does to separate them.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Fukuen, Misato