Etsuya "Tootsuki Alchemist" Eizan

Etsuya Eizan

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Etsuya Eizan (叡山 枝津也)
He is one of the students in the Tootsuki Culinary Academy and also the current 9th Seat of the Elite 10 Council member. Became the food consultant even as a teen, Eizan had many accomplishments in his past and often measures most of the success food industry is based on his self-proclaimed accurate consultations that give all food industry a guarantee success. Reputed with sharp mind and even the cautious personality , Eizan is earned respect not just within the academy staff and students, but also some of the small culinary business which he helped to flourish and handled almost 500 similar cases alone. After learn from his client, Nakamozu Kinu, the owner of the Mozuya Karaage, that the Karaage Specialty Shop is beaten by the local hero, Souma Yukihira, Eizan would supposedly persuade Souma to be on his side and the latter would attempt to humble the Yukihira Genius through his "consultation" after Souma decline his offer; making the Tootsuki Alchemist one of the Yukihira genius's another antagonistic arch-rival in the academy.

As the professional food consultant, Eizan is a calculating and cautious towards to any situation. Being an astute and intelligent figure in both internal and external affairs of the academy, Eizan is often aware to any possibilities so everything will undergo according to his plan, which has never failed him or his clients to achieve victory. With his deep pockets and close relationship with any other companies he came across (usually with the affluent franchise shops), most of his incomes are based on his counseling and his deep relationship with the culinary businesses since he is often play as the benefactor to his clients. With his uncanny profession, Eizan has almost handled 500 cases of problems involved with the restaurant issues.

Despite all of his wise cracking and even being cautious upon any possible situation, the Tootsuki Alchemist himself is a grudging egomaniac, whose pride is so high that he will make anyone suffer for their insolence, particularly Souma, who is responsible to the lost of his client's business, a big deal for someone who is responsible to push the Karaage Shop to it's fame towards nationwide. Like many other privileged and gifted students in the academy, Eizan would only see the only successful culinary business is through the privileges and the fame of the culinary business. It is also due to his background as the young delinquent during his teens, Eizan has a notorious reputation as a ruthless gang leader and would have everyone who lose to him to submit themselves upon him and would mercilessly crush anyone who going against him. It is also said that Eizan's service to becoming the advisor is not cheap, as most of his consultation fee are too expensive which almost cost a fortune of the restaurant.

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Hunter, Anthony