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Contract employee for Astral and expert in Buddhism. Usually in komuso attire and has been practicing Vajrayana since young. in addition he is also a genius in martial arts and master of hidden weapons. Skillfully uses Mudra and Shingon(Mantra), his power exceeds that of Honami and Nekoyashiki. Has an old-fashioned way of thinking, he would even try to perform seppuku to apologize. The chief priest of Ryuuren Temple but currently if he is not in the Astral office, he will be out wandering the world then return after some time.

One of the three people responsible for making Itsuki's eye patch. After the dragon incident, he was approached by Itsuki to teach him martial arts. Sekiren later separateed from Astral. On the request of the "Association", he left for Italy.

Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki