Jerome Barberin

Jerome Barberin

Ie Naki Ko Remy
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Jerome Barberin (ジェローム・バルブラン)
Jerome is the foster father of Remi, who calls him "Father Barberin." His true daughter is Nana. One day, while returning from work during a cold winter in Paris, he found Remi abandoned as a baby in an alleyway. Aware that Baby Remi belongs to a rich family, he searched for the baby's real family. Jerome failed to find Remi's true family. Because of this, he was forced to brought Baby Remi with him when he returned home to Chavanon Village. Jerome later went back to Paris to work again.

Ten years after finding Remi, Jerome went back to Chavanon Village because of a work injury that he received in Paris. When he found out that Remi was still in his house, he became very angry. Father Barberin sold Remi to an evil slave trader named Pollinel. Remi, after being sold to Pollinel, was quickly rescued by Vitalis and his animals.

Voice Actors
Zucca, Mario
Tanaka, Masahiko