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Moro (モロの君)

Years ago, Moro found two adults chopping down the animal's forest. Moro was furious, and she was about to attack them when they threw their baby at her feet as they fled. That baby was then named San, and raised by her.

As the years went by, Moro taught San the wolf life, how to run like one, and even act like one. When "The Iron Works" was established, Moro had a tendency to tell San to attack the villagers, since they were defiling the forest. One rainy day, Moro attacked the villagers, while Eboshi was there. Eboshi then used her iron gun, and shot Moro, making Moro lose her immortality.

Voice Actors
Miwa, Akihiro
Anderson, Gillian
Jang, Gwang
Ubaldi, Marzia

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