Meow "Mymyamo, Bonehead, Mew-kun"


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Meow (ミャウ)

One of Dandy's partners; a dimwit and otaku cat-like alien from the Betelgeuse binary planet, whose alien breed is named after the stellar system (Betelgeusians). Like Dandy, he enjoys ogling the girls at "Boobies" and is never seen without his touch screen phone. He also loves to eat ramen, calling himself a "ramen connoisseur". His name, "Meow", is given to him by Dandy since neither he nor QT were unable to comprehend his real name, Mymyamo. Dandy takes him into his crew thinking he could be of some "use", but he mostly lounges about.

Voice Actors
Yoshino, Hiroyuki
McDonald, Joel
Solis, Adrien
Bross, Martin

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