Shino Akuragawa

Shino Akuragawa


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Shino Akuragawa (阿倉川 紫埜)
Age: 26
Birthday: January 2
BWH: 94-61-92
Blood type: O
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Job: Evil Spirit Exterminator, Shrine-maiden

Shino has long, black hair, purple eye color and she wore a traditional miko outfit that consists of a long red slightly pleated skirt tied with a bow, a white haori, and some red hair ribbons. She also wore lipstick (which is considered weird for mikos). The shirt in front of her chest was slightly opened and it gave a pure, gentle look. Shino also have many exorcism slips and owns a chokutō.

Shino is a kind person. She cares a lot about other people, especially children (although she tends to scare them more), Shino is also dignified and can be slightly stubborn she is shown to be in quick pursuit of the Ghost, Moegami released years ago. Shino is also highly respectful to others, calling Keima, "Katsuragi-dono". Shino is also willing to help Elsie run the cafe and do exorcisms for free, further showing her caring personality.

Domestic-wise, Shino is a capable cook but although Shino is willing to help manage the cafe as a waitress, she can be a klutz and would often drop some hot drinks to the customers. (Although, in a sense, the customers doesn't seem to mind.)

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