Tooru Amami


Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Tooru Amami (天美 透)

Birthday: October 7
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: AB
BWH: 86-59-82
Job: Flower Field Resident

Amami has platinum-blond hair and matching eye color. In terms of clothing, Amami wore a light yellow one-piece dress she wears a head-band with golden wings. Her cosplay apprently also have two large fake wings behind her, like an angel. She is also shown wearing a cross. When she's not in her day-dreaming mode, she wore a dull colored jacket and a a skirt. Her hair is also tied up.

Amami was born in a very wealthy family and being the only child, she was very muched loved by her family, sadly, she is loved too much that she was forced to follow a set of family regulations that heavily restricts her own freedom in the process. Any penalty that was unacceptable will result in the form of a "Minus Check" on Amami. To escape from this, Amami initailly read storybooks and manga for children but was compromised by her parents. As a result, Amami begins to cosplay as an angel to escape from her stress and pain.

Amami, in the eyes of most people gave a cheerful and optimistic impression, she is shown to be quite oblivious to her surroundings, literally shown by her eccentric actions of wandering about. She also decides things on a whim such as going to Dean Land where she feels is the most likely to have the "Eternal Plus" she's looking for. However, this was shown to be a facade she made up. The true Amami is more or less, depressed. Due to her despotic treatment from her parents, Amami developed her fantasy world of finding the "Eternal Plus" as a way of making her deal with the constant "Minus checks" her parents gave her. Despite this, Amami fully knows that her visions are all a part of her imagination and subconsciousness of her wanting to be freed from her parents as she herself said that her stories had flaws.

Despite looking listless, Amami is actually very careful of her surroundings, especially the boys. She knew that her looks are bound to attract boys and purposely uses strange sentences like "… I’m an angel. I’m looking for an ‘eternal plus’. Do you know what it is?" and she would usally scare off the boys and protect herself.

Lastly, Amami is also kind-hearted as she saved Keima from a fire that happened in a cafe despite knowing the risks of she being trapped in there and her parents finding out her habits. She even had plans to visit Keima in the hospital if not for her parents.

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