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Touhou Suzunaan: Forbidden Scrollery.
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Futo Mononobe (物部 布都)
Mononobe no Futo is a shikaisen, formerly a hermit practicing Taoism.

Futo is generally thought to be a shikaisen, meaning that she was once a hermit who attempted to surpass the physical lifespan of a human by taking on the qualities of the dead. She essentially abandoned her body and transferred her soul into an object (said to be a plate). As a shikaisen, she is able to take on a great number of forms, but she prefers the traditional look she had when she was alive, as opposed to Toyosatomimi no Miko's decision to go with a more modern form.

Futo is described as being gentle at heart, but unable to adapt to modern times - and modern Gensokyo in general. Even in ancient times, she clung to Taoism rather than Buddhism, indicating a dislike of change and a favoring of old ways. She is friendly towards humans, even going so far as to save them on occasion, but hostile towards youkai for some reason. Miko describes her as being a scaredy-cat, though her "fear" of Buddhist statues led to her burning them (and temples) down to the ground (as the head of the Mononobe clan).

Futo currently serves Toyosatomimi no Miko and resides in the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum while practicing Taoism.

(Source: Touhou Wiki)

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