Miko Toyosatomimi

Miko Toyosatomimi


Touhou Ibara Kasen: Wild and Horned Hermit.
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Touhou Suzunaan: Forbidden Scrollery.
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Miko Toyosatomimi (豊聡耳 神子)
Toyosatomimi no Miko is a saint who spread Buddhism across the country as ruler while Seiga Kaku taught her Taoism. As a follower of Taoism training to attain immortality, she now lives her life in a simple, carefree manner, as a hermit.

Miko is characterized as being "surprisingly casual", and frequently jokes around. Though she's a fully immortal hermit, she still tends to get involved in secular affairs because of her origins as a ruler. During combat, however, she displays no sign of weakness and seems to completely see through her opponents. As a hermit, she isn't concerned about teaching her techniques to the many that want to become her disciples, and simply uses them as servants and couriers. She's cooperative and friendly towards humans in general, though.

Her ability comes from a famous legend about Prince Shoutoku. It's said that Prince Shoutoku was so smart that he could understand ten people questioning him all at once and then be able to give them back perfect answers. Because of this ability, her ears are extremely sensitive. This is the reason she wears earmuffs. In addition, to a certain extent, she can discern the desires of those she talks to.

Miko's a hermit living in Senkai. Though she apparently has disciples, she doesn't teach them her ways, but rather treats them as servants. Her main goal is to achieve immortality, and then eventually become a celestial.

(Source: Touhou Wiki)

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