Yura "Yura of the Demon-Hair"


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Yura (由良)

Yura appears with a giant hair ball filled with thousands of skulls—her home apparently—and armed with a sword which cuts flesh and bone, but not hair. InuYasha soon discovers that while Yura can be physically injured, she can feel no pain and can easily reattach her severed limbs by using the hairs she controls.

As they fight, Yura teases InuYasha about his dog-like nature. When Yura appears to have killed Kagome with a blast of fire, she continues to goad InuYasha with insults, including that "A pet should not be allowed to survive its master." InuYasha rips out her heart, but finds Yura still lives and now comments how rude he is for "being a half demon she just met already sticking his hand in her chest" to belittle his efforts.

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Voice Actors
Yajima, Akiko
Liberatori, Perla
Zanni, Chiara
Roatis, Andrea
Park, Seon Yeong
Reis, Denise
Portuguese (BR)

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