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Kei Yosugara (終夜 荊)
Kei is one of the main characters of RustBlaster. He is 16-17 years old and a human. Also, he becomes Al's weapon.

The human transfer student who, when his blood is drunk by Aldred, becomes the Holy Lance. His hair is pure white, with bangs at the front, thought it is shown in a flash back that he used to have black hair. He is quiet and unsocial at first, but as he gets used to Team 6 and Aldred, he becomes a bit more open. He acknowledges himself as a tool, as he was born and raised by the church to become the container for the Holy Lance. Every time he transforms, the Lance eats away at his body, forcing him to eventually use a wheelchair. He also loses his sense of sight and hearing, at least partially, and his ability to write, even though he tries to hide all of this. It is also shown that he is quite bad at sports when he tried to do high jump, and when he was running with Aldred. This is most probably because he spent most of his years locked up in a dungeon. He has also never eaten, or even seen, cake. He is the one who stops Aldred from losing himelf, and seems to respect him the most as he felt the two weeks he spent with Aldred were worth most of his lifetime. He survives at the end of the manga, because Aldred somehow manages to stop the vampires without using the Holy Lance. Though he should be confined to a wheelchair, he seems to leap from it at the end when they supposedly see Aldred's back.

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