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Akadama (赤玉先生)
Akadama is a Karasu-Tengu of Nyoigatake mountain and the teacher of the Shimogamo brothers. The brothers check up on him from time to time and take care of him, cleaning up his messy apartment and bringing him supplies and liquor. He injured his back in an accident, rendering walking difficult and flying impossible. He spends his days in seclusion and rarely leaves his apartment. He kidnapped Benten when she was younger and raised her, teaching her tengu magic and giving her his most valued treasures. After she grew to womanhood, she chose to leave Akadama's side to follow her own goals. Despite that, Akadama still cares for her and always feels himself lonely when she is not around.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Umezu, Hideyuki