Daisuke "D.D." Domoto

Daisuke Domoto

Figure 17: Tsubasa & Hikaru
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Figure 17
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Daisuke Domoto (堂本大輔)
D.D. is an intergalactic police officer who had just recovered six deadly Maguar eggs from a group of criminals. He was in the middle of delivering the eggs back to his home planet when one of them hatched inside his ship, causing it to lose control and prematurely exit warp, crashing on Earth.

During the ship's entry, the unhatched eggs were jettisoned to various parts of Hokkaido. In Figure form, D.D. battled the newly-born Maguar, but was no match for its brute abilities. He was then surprised to see that Tsubasa - who had fused with the Ribers "Hikaru" to become Figure 17 - easily defeated the Maguar.

Seeing that he cannot contain the Maguar threat himself, D.D. must count on Tsubasa and Hikaru to assist him. To blend with the town folk, he has his green hair cut and dyed black, and uses the alias Daisuke Domoto, a photographer studying the Hokkaido landscapes. When his cover is blown, D.D. has Tsubasa's father brainwashed into thinking Hikaru is Tsubasa's long-lost twin sister.

(Source: http://figure17.areaseven.net)

Voice Actors
Koyama, Rikiya
Lang, Lex
Choi, Han