Mitsuo "Paaman, Paaman1" Suwa

Mitsuo Suwa

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Perman (1983)
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Pa-Pa-Pa the ★ Movie: Perman
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Ninja Hattori-kun Plus Perman: Chounouryoku Wars
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Pa-Pa-Pa the ★ Movie: Perman - Tako de Pon! Ashi wa Pon!
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Perman: Birdman ga Yatte Kita!!
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Mitsuo Suwa (須羽満夫)

The main character in the series, Mitsuo is the 11-year-old boy chosen as the first Pa-man. Of the five known Pāman, he has had the most close calls to having his secret identity made known (and his cover blown). He hates studying, being yelled at his mother, ghosts, and cockroaches (the insects were once used in a scheme by the ZenAkuRen). He has a crush on Michiko and often quarrels with Pako. He is a big fan of the singer Sumire Hoshino, who, unbeknown to anyone, actually is Perman 3. Mitsuo seems to be very lazy sometimes. Voiced by: Katsue Miwa.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Miwa, Katsue