Breath of Archangel "Angel's Breath"

Breath of Archangel

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Breath of Archangel (大天使の息吹)
Breath of Archangel is a card found in the Greed Island game. It is one of the game's 100 designated slot cards and so is required for a player to complete the game. This angel's breath will cure any illness a person may currently be suffering from.

This card summons forth an angel whose breath can cure any injuries sustained upon a player. She only appears once and afterwards, the card is destroyed. You can trade all 40 spell cards in at Masadora for this card. If the maximum card limit has already been reached, then you will be given a Voucher instead. This voucher will then transform into a Breath of Archangel at the next available chance.

Voice Actors
Kaida, Yuki
Miyagawa, Miho
Landa, Lauren