Unazuki "Lizzie, Elizabeth Hansford" Furuhata

Unazuki Furuhata

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Unazuki Furuhata (古幡宇奈月)
Unazuki Furuhata (古幡宇奈月, Furuhata Unazuki), known in the English anime as Elizabeth Hansford (Lizzie), is the sister of Motoki Furuhata. She first appears in episode 69 of the anime and is mistaken as a rival love interest for Mamoru Chiba.

She works as a waitress at the Crown Fruit Parlor, where the Sailor Senshi spend much of their free time in the latter parts of the anime. During the SuperS arc of the anime, this restaurant replaces the arcade and Rei's shrine as the usual location of gatherings between the main characters. Unazuki attends T*A Private Girls School with Rei Hino.

Unazuki appears for the second time in episode 94 of Sailor Moon S, dreaming of her first kiss (which results in being targeted by Professor Tomoe), and again in Sailor Moon SuperS. where she reappears as a major supporting character and is usually among Usagi's group. She becomes a target of the Amazon Trio in one episode.

Voice Actors
Taylor, Veronica
Hara, Eriko
Martiñón, Isabel
Endo, Miyako
Har-lev, Liat
Shachal, Sharon
Azevedo, Sandra Mara