Theodore "Laurie, Teddy" Laurence

Theodore  Laurence

Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari
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Wakakusa Monogatari: Nan to Jo-sensei
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Theodore Laurence (ローリー・ローレンス)
A rich young man, older than Jo but younger than Meg. Laurie lives next door to the March family with his overprotective grandfather, Mr. Laurence. Laurie's father had eloped with an Italian pianist and was disowned. Both his parents died young, and Laurie was sent to live with his grandfather. Laurie is preparing to enter at Harvard and is being tutored by Mr. John Brooke. He is described as attractive and charming, with black eyes, brown skin, and curly black hair.

Voice Actors
Tobita, Nobuo
Schröder, Frank
Alonso Naranjo Jr., Rafael