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Ami Nonomura

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Ami Nonomura (野々村 亜美)
Ami Nonomura's story is known as the most popular of the Cream Lemon franchise as most of the episodes of the series are centered around her character.

Her story is a coming-of-age drama that details her life as a young girl to adulthood. Ami starts out as a girl who has a sexual tryst with her older brother Hiroshi that leads to serious consequences as he is sent away to study abroad by their mother who finds out about their affair. She is deeply in love with her brother and her heart aches for him, even still fantasizing about him. In the second episode of her story (Episode 5 of the series), she meets an older guy in a disco club that she and her friends go to; dances with him, gets drunk, and winds up having a one-night-stand with him. This older guy, named Ryuji Kouno, is known as a serial playboy who continues to pursue girls who intrigue him, particularly ones who are great in bed. The sexual encounter with Ami leaves him wanting more and she is taken back to his apartment and the two have sex with each other again, this time Ami is more aware and less willing. Kouno vows to make Ami forget about her beloved brother, which doesn't sit well with her. Ami's aching heart leads her to seek solace in her two closest friends, she admits to them what the true nature of her relationship to her brother truly is, and her friends comfort her with their complete understanding. Things get more complicated for Ami when her beloved Hiroshi returns briefly and is caught in a love triangle between him and her new lover, Ryuji.

Ami also becomes a model and idol singer after she is discovered by a man who photographed her, this same man would later try to take advantage of her, but she fought him off and escaped from him. She is rescued by Kouno who has been keeping an eye on her. Three years later into her story in the "Ami, From Then On" chapter, she has grown into a young woman and is still a popular idol singer loved by many. Many changes have come for Ami in this time of her life, including where she stands in her relationships with Hiroshi and Kouno.

Voice Actors
Oikawa, Hitomi