Ruri "Inochi no Miko, Shrine Maiden of Life" Sarasa

Ruri Sarasa

Tokyo Underground
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Ruri Sarasa (ルリ・サラサ)
Ruri is known as the "Inochi no Miko," or the Shrine Maiden of Life. She is very polite and kind, and is the type to address everyone with the honorific "-sama." She's very compassionate, and shows signs of affection to Rumina. Ruri used her life powers to bring back Rumina from death when he is killed trying to protect her and Chelsea. Her unusual powers make her a target for evil forces in the Underground. The Company wants Ruri so that she can use her power to bring the dragons back to life and then use them to attack the surface world.

Voice Actors
Strand, Chantal
Nanao, Haruhi