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Dozzu (ドズー)
Age: at least 300, probably far more

Dozzu is one of three kyouma leaders alongside with Cargikk and Tgurneu. The current number of Kyouma under his direct command is unknown, but is believed to be really small compared to the other two leaders. 200 years ago, Dozzu was deemed as a traitor by the other two leaders and escaped the kyouma territory with his remaining forces in order to hide in the human kingdoms. There, he created a secret organization by recruiting humans who shared his aspirations. Among the humans who follows him, some are very influent nobles as well as members of royal families.

Dozzu's current appearance is a mix between a squirrel and a small dog with a horn in the middle of his forehead. However, Dozzu has the power to change his appearance at will; so this form is merely the one he's currently using. Dozzu is the only kyouma able to manipulate electricity in order to attack with lightning strikes.

According to Dozzu, it would be possible to make humans and kyouma live in peace with each other without all those recurrent wars. For this, it would be required:
- to dispose of the current Majin and replace him with a Majin suiting his plan
- to make the other two kyouma leaders as his subordinate, as well as
- to purge the human kingdom from some of its nobility and royalty in order to create new governments favorable to the peace between kyouma and humans.

Dozzu estimates that the completion of his plan would bring the death of "only" 50000 humans, which is in his opinion a really minor price to pay in order to achieve his ambition. He seems to have taken several dispositions to achieve the different parts of his plan, but is really secretive about them.

Dozzu is manipulative, and doesn't hesitate to do evil deeds if they can bring him closer to his goal. For him, nothing else matter than achieving it, including weird alliances, betrayal, and massacre. As a traitor to the Majin, he and his minions are attacked on sight by the other kyouma.

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