Sakyo Kurayami

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Sakyo Kurayami (暗闇左京)

Sakyo is a strong blader who aims to be the best. His first appearance on the anime happens on episode 15 of Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G and his first appearance on the Metal Fight Zero G manga is on episode 4.
Sakyo is known for fighting six Zero G characters (Kaito, Eito, Ren, Takanosuke, Shinobu and Zero), being two of them main characters, and he defeats all of them from episode 15 to 18.
The character who Sakyo starts to showing a huge afinity with is Takanosuke, as both show up together all the time after episode 18 until the end of the series.

Voice Actors
Knauer, Tim
Yamamoto, Shouma
Crépet, Alexandre