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Taka Kamitani (狼谷 鷹)

Taka is one of the children Ryuuichi Kashima babysits. He is the son of Shizuka Kamitani, a science teacher at the middle school, and he is the younger brother of Hayato, who he looks up to. The two share a bittersweet relationship, in which his brother sometimes expresses his love. Most of the time, however, he hits Taka on the head as punishment (a running joke in the manga). Their father is later revealed to be Hebihara Taizou, a chemistry teacher at the high school.

Taka is very talkative. He is close friends with Kotarou and is friendly toward all the other children in the daycare. He enjoys playing heroes and often cries about his brother hitting him, sometimes calling him "Baka Aniki" (stupid older brother).

(Source: Gakuen Babysitters Wikia, edited)

Voice Actors
Sanpei, Yuuko